Blue1 IoT Systems, enabling a connected world

Blue1 IoT Systems, enabling a connected world

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    Who we are ?

    Blue1 IoT Systems is a developer of innovative algorithms and software enabling high performance systems of connected devices used in remote monitoring solutions.


    The Blue1 IoT Systems team developed a new architecture enabling high performance end-to-end systems used in remote monitoring solutions integrating sensors, communications hubs and the cloud

    Our Technologies



    Health & wellness projects have been realized in collaboration with its exclusive partner VieConnect.

    VieConnect SAS

    Backend and frontend software development for VieConnect’s SECCO solution to improve performance and user experience and enable scaling

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    VieConnect SAS

    R&D: Data Analytics and Development of advanced AI algorithmic models for SECCO solution

    Blue1 IoT Systems

    Remote real-time monitoring and homecare architecture and applications


    The team has expertise in the wireless IoT field and the development of advanced algorithmic models and it is composed of software developers, data scientists and systems engineers.


    VieConnect is a Toulouse, France based enterprise that develops and markets innovative solutions to improve quality of life of seniors and dependent people

    Exclusive Partner

    Incontinence Care Solution


    VieConnect’s SECCO is the company’s first medical IoT product. It’s a complete IoT solution using a wearable sensor and an embedded algorithm to detect saturation of any type of absorbent brief. Collected data and events are transferred via Bluetooth Low Energy to a hub and then they are relayed and stored in cloud servers via WiFi or cellular communication.

    Alerts and notifications are created and communicated thanks to mobile applications iOS & Android to smartphones, phones or tablets of caregivers who may intervene at the right time for a change of the absorbent brief of incontinent people.

    SECCO has been deployed by VieConnect in 50+ nursing homes in France to date, with strong growth potential in Europe foreseen in the coming years.

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    Healthcare Solution

    Vietality is an innovative health solution for remote real-time monitoring & traceability of vital signs and other physiological parameters using medical connected devices and an advanced proprietary IoT platform to ensure an automatic and reliable data collection and transmission to secure cloud servers

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